In today’s fast-growing world, customers need instant access to products and services.

The smooth process of remote customer onboarding helps businesses create an excellent customer experience, take care of their safety and meet strict regulatory requirements.

  • Verification in seconds
  • Elimination of the risk of manual errors
  • Increase customer onboarding
  • Effective fraud prevention
  • Maintain compliance with AML & KYC regulations

How does KYC work for customer onboarding?

VeriFace service for customer onboarding creates a smooth user experience and easily guides your customers through the entire verification process in seconds.

Step 1

Take a picture of your ID from both sides with your smartphone camera or webcam

Step 2

Take a picture of your face with your smartphone camera or webcam


You have been successfully verified, quickly and safely using artificial intelligence

Customer onboarding process

With VeriFace service, you can easily set up and customize your workflow, adding or removing identity verification steps depending on your current customer onboarding requirements.

Verification of identity documents

More than 105 supported identity document types from more than 42 supported countries.

Face matching

Verify your customers’ identities by comparing a face photo from an ID with a real photo of their face and make sure both photos belong to the same person.

Liveness check

Liveness check ensures that your customers are real and alive by asking them to perform a simple task on camera.

AML control

Monitor high-risk individuals for in-depth inspection of your customers. Lists of UBO, PEP and sanctions. More than 800 global lists and 1.6 million verified profiles.

VeriFace service benefits for customer onboarding

  • Fast and accurate verification results
  • Increase customer onboarding rate
  • Maximize customer onboarding success

  • Compliance with global regulatory requirements
  • AML check for customer due diligence
  • Better risk assessment and risk management

  • Web and mobile SDK
  • Customize the verification process
  • API interface

  • Automate customer onboarding processes
  • Reduction of manual load
  • Easy integration

Seamless integration with your corporate ecosystem

A wide range of setup and integration options that adapt to your UI/UX interface.

  • Web SDK

Ready-made solutions for automated customer onboarding with quick setup and easy configuration.

  • Mobile SDK

Highly customizable SDK for iOS and Android built on native technologies for seamless integration.

  • Cloud verification page

Send a link to customers and check the verification results immediately in the Administrator portal or be informed about them via notifications or Webhook.

  • API integration

Integrate our KYC solutions and customer identity verification into your platform, collect the necessary data, and get API verification results.