Who is VeriFace for?

  • Digital wallets
  • Online money transfers
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • P2P lending services
  • Mobile cash registers

  • Online banks
  • Online insurance companies
  • Online exchange offices
  • Online stock exchanges
  • Online mortgages

  • Securities dealers
  • Financial agents and advisers
  • Leasing companies
  • Investment funds
  • Investment marketplaces

  • Crypto wallets
  • Crypto exchange offices
  • Crypto funds
  • Crypto ATMs

  • Mobile payments
  • Electronic wallets
  • Payment institutions
  • Payment service providers

  • Online casinos
  • Online gambling
  • Online bookmakers
  • Online slot machines

  • Hotels and pensions
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Online bookings

  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Online education (e-learning)
  • Online courses and seminars

  • Telecommunications operators
  • Point of sale automation
  • Online purchase of prepaid SIM cards

  • Airlines
  • Online registrations
  • Online ticketing

  • Online healthcare
  • Telemedicine services
  • Online pharmacies and drug prescriptions

  • Sharing vehicles, electric scooters, scooters
  • Car and vehicle rentals
  • P2P lending

  • Online purchases (e-shops)
  • Online marketplaces
  • Online ordering of goods

  • Online tobacco shops
  • Online liquor stores
  • Online adult content

  • Online electronic services
  • Online submission of shipments
  • Online money services

  • Access systems
  • Owners meetings

  • Visitor registrations
  • Event reservations

  • Employee registrations
  • Recruitment

Trusted by

Our user-friendly 2-step identity verification process helps simply, quickly, reliably, and most importantly, securely onboard new customers.

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Identity verification

A flexible and secure VeriFace service that you can easily integrate into your work process.

Verify the identity of your customers in seconds to quickly open a customer account and mitigate risk.

You save time and reduce your operating costs.

Verification of identity documents

Verification and authentication of identity documents in real time and on a large scale.

  • Extracting data from identity documents
  • Check the validity of identity documents
  • Verification of the number and series of identity documents
  • Verification of face photos from identity documents
  • Verification of a person’s age

Face matching

VeriFace service uses cutting-edge AI technology to verify your customers’ identities.

Our technology compares facial photography from an identity document with a real photo of a customer’s face and makes sure that both photos belong to the same person.

Liveness check

Add an additional level of security to prevent frauds.

Liveness check ensures that your customers are real and alive by asking them to perform a simple task on camera.

By its variability, the liveness check protects against pre-recorded videos by your customers.

AML control

Protect your business and reputation with a risk assessment and risk management.

Check your customers’ data worldwide based on more than 1.6 million verified profiles.

  • Ultimate beneficial owners
  • Politically exposed persons
  • Sanctioned persons
  • Media personality image
  • Regularly monitored data
  • Global coverage
  • Continuously updated data

Administrative portal

Online service with full access to verification results.
Easy navigation and control of KYC processes and customer onboarding in one place.

  • Detailed view of verification results
  • Secure storage of customer data
  • Fully compliant with GDPR
  • Real-time updates
  • Verification status history

Seamless integration with your corporate ecosystem

A wide range of setup and integration options that adapt to your UI/UX interface.

  • Web SDK

Ready-made solutions for automated customer onboarding with quick setup and easy configuration.

  • Mobile SDK

Highly customizable SDK for iOS and Android built on native technologies for seamless integration.

  • Cloud verification page

Send a link to customers and check the verification results immediately in the Administrator portal or be informed about them via notifications or Webhook.

  • API integration

Integrate our KYC solutions and customer identity verification into your platform, collect the necessary data, and get API verification results.