Verify your customers’ identity documents in seconds and reduce frauds.

Get fast and accurate results. Speed up identification and verification of your customers’ identities.

Protect your business from lost and stolen identity fraud.

Checking the authenticity of documents

  • Extraction of identification data and other security features
  • Verification of the validity of identity documents
  • Verification of the number and series of identity documents
  • Verification of face photo from an identity document and a real face photo
  • Verification of a person’s age

Supported documents

Supporting more than 358 types of identity documents.

Supported identity documents from more than 93 countries.

Latin, cyrillic and symbol recognition.

VeriFace service benefits for verification of identity documents

Take advantage of using VeriFace service to verify identity documents. A comprehensive solution with global coverage for effective frauds prevention and fast customer onboarding.

Fast and accurate results

OCR and MRZ technology ensures high-quality data capture and accurate extraction of identity document data.

Reduction of operating costs

Automate the process of verifying identity documents while onboarding customers. Reduce operating costs by reducing manual loads.

Customize a workflow

Customize the progress of the verification process by adding features of facial comparison and liveness check to prevent frauds.

VeriFace comprehensive service

Automate your processes and seamlessly collaborate with your team members with an easy-to-use Admin portal that gives you complete control wherever you are.

  • Verification results and status overview
  • Storing customer data in accordance with GDPR
  • Regular monitoring

Seamless integration with your corporate ecosystem

A wide range of setup and integration options that adapt to your UI/UX interface.

  • Web SDK

Ready-made solutions for automated customer onboarding with quick setup and easy configuration.

  • Mobile SDK

Highly customizable SDK for iOS and Android built on native technologies for seamless integration.

  • Cloud verification page

Send a link to customers and check the verification results immediately in the Administrator portal or be informed about them via notifications or Webhook.

  • API integration

Integrate our KYC solutions and customer identity verification into your platform, collect the necessary data, and get API verification results.