Innovatrics, our biometric technology partner

Innovatrics creates cutting-edge biometric technologies that are known and appreciated worldwide. Thanks to this partnership, combined with experience with Rokan Biometrics, s.r.o. in the field of cloud business solutions, VeriFace service provides proven and trustworthy solutions.

“The accuracy rate of our technology is 98.47%, resulting in a dramatic decrease in the error rate in the processing of identity documents, fraud prevention and customer satisfaction. Leaders in banking, finance and telecommunications trust this technology and use it for identity management purposes”.

Meta IT, our partner for application and software development

Meta IT develops applications and software according to client requirements. It creates a comprehensive internal system for companies, tailor-made applications or a pricing calculator. And this in any segment.

Meta IT helps clients fulfil their potential, which information technology offers to the business world. It is a team of experts for whom work is fun and passionate. It creates tailor-made software to meet the client’s needs in a high-quality and efficient manner.

In the time since they have been active on the market, they have successfully completed more than 50 projects and grown into a stable company with 50 people.

Veri2, our partner for information search and analysis

Veri2 successfully specializes in the supply and creation of information systems designed for quick and reliable analysis, visualization and search of information in huge amounts of data.

It helps clients to work more efficiently with full access to information, minimise business risks, increase prevention and detect frauds and crime.

It participates in the creation of information systems that process unstructured, structured and multimedia data, knowledge funds and systems designed to detect mistakes, frauds and illegal activities.

Rokan Consulting, our partner for AML control

Rokan Consulting provides high quality and professional services in the field of advisory and consulting activities with a focus on combating the legalization of proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism.

Contributes and cooperates in the prevention and detection of money laundering and terrorist financing and makes enhanced efforts in the early identification of suspicious activities by recognizing unusual business operations, by monitoring, assessing and evaluating individual trades, business operations or business relationships.

Within the framework of AML control, it creates a comprehensive internal system for VeriFace service and identifies ultimate beneficial owners, politically exposed persons as well as persons against whom international sanctions are implemented.