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VeriFace service is for business only and cannot be used by individuals. The solution is suitable for all businesses and industries that need to verify the identity of customers during the onboarding process. Recommended for companies operating under AML & KYC regulation.

We are in compliance with GDPR! All connections from the end verified person to our system and from our system to the client are securely secured using TLS encryption. We process and store all data using Cloud solutions on secure servers. Data security and compliance are our top priorities!

The VeriFace service provides identity verification, verification of identity documents, face matching, liveness check, AML check (UBO, PEP and sanction lists), age verification and regular monitoring.

We support ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses and residence permits for foreigner national. Overall, VeriFace service supports more than 358 types of identity documents supported from more than 93 countries. The full list can be found here.

Yes! VeriFace service offers:

  • Web SDK – ready-made solutions for automated onboarding with quick setup and easy configuration
  • Mobile SDK – highly customizable SDK for iOS and Android
  • API integration – you can collect the necessary data through the API and get verification results

VeriFace service provides a full-fledged setup where no integration is required. You will gain private access to our service on the Administrator portal, where your business account will be activated. There your customer information will be stored and only your employees will have access to your customer data.

VeriFace service provides subscription-based services on a monthly and annual commitment basis, as well as specific tailored services for clients who require verification services in high volumes and/or with certain specific configuration requirements. The price per verification varies depending on the number of verification per month or per year. Descriptions of subscription packages and pricing information can be found here.

Yes! You can try the free trial of VeriFace service, which includes all the required features. To run a free trial, you must accept the Terms of use of the service including GDPR requirements.

Contact us at: Provide your business name, contact details and approximate number of verifications per month or per year. We will get back to you soon and help you further.